Arbor Garden Centre and Nursery


6556 TRafalgar rd. Milton, Ontario 

hours:  Monday to friday  8am-7pm

saturday to sunday 8am-6pm 


On the nursery we grow everything from ornamental and native trees to perennials and shrubs.The sizes vary from whips to large caliper trees. Potted trees can be planted anytime as we use mostly eco-friendly biodegradable fibre pots . Farm grown trees will be balled and burlapped in the spring or fall.
We take great pride that no chemical pesticides are used. Our dedicated workers manually keep the nursery healthy and free from weeds and in doing so are proud in saying our establishment is pesticide free. In instances where some form of pest control is required we use only organic based products which have no harm to the natural ecosystem. Our proper horticultural practices not only keeps our biodiversity lush, but also ensures strong healthy plants.