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6556 TRafalgar rd. Milton, Ontario 

open monday to friday 8am - 7pm saturday and sunday 8am - 6pm

Make your lawn nice and lush before the season ends.  Each roll is farm fresh and covers 10sq FT. (5'x2'). Pick up or delivery available. 

Large Trees

Need a large tree? There's still lots of time to get planting done. We have lots of large trees, shrubs and perennials still available. Planting and delivery services are available. 

As fall approaches come by to take a look at our large selection of perennial mums and asters and other fall products. Bulbs, Cabbage, Kale, ornamental grasses, straw, pumpkins and corn stalk bunches are also now available! 

Locally Grown Hedging Cedars Starting at $5.99

Fresh Sod Available

Please note that in the fall a lot of cedars will have brown spots on them and that this is natural. There is no problem with the cedar it is just an occurrence during the fall and will be gone in no time and back to green. The only reason for concern is when the top of the tree is brown.

Arbor Garden Centre And Nursery, Serving Milton, Oakvill,e Georgetown, Mississauga, and Toronto 

  • Repair existing patios, steps, and walkways 

  • DeliveryPlanting

  • Armour stone installation
  • Bulk Soil, Screening and Mulch for pick-up or delivery

  • Trees and plants supply

  • Install patios, steps, and walkways

  • Sodding and Seeding

  • Garden bed installation 

  • Landscape Consulting Services 

  • Property Maintenance

  • Lawn Maintenance